Jessica Alazraki’s Ornately Decorated Kitchen Tables Are A Feast For The Eyes


In Jessica Alazraki’s paintings of dinner tables, you’ll find a delicious selection of things to eat – sweet bits of pineapple and watermelon, sticky donuts and slices of pizza dripping with cheese. But the real sensory experience is provided by the tablecloths that take center stage in all of his canvases. While the figures crowding around each table evoke movement through painterly, expressive brushstrokes, the tablecloths stand out with a vibrant clarity. The artist explains that she uses this space “to create an abstract painting within the painting”. Often featuring designs of juicy fruit or extravagant blooming flowers, these tablecloths are pretty enough to eat.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Jessica has lived in New York since 1988. With a background in graphic design, she worked as a senior art director at an advertising agency until she had her first child. After quitting her job, she wanted to rekindle her creativity from her college days, so she started looking for visual arts classes. “The only class that wasn’t homework-based and didn’t fit into my schedule was drawing,” she says. “I immediately fell in love with it.”

As a Mexican living in New York, Jessica feels responsible “to open a dialogue about immigrants”. She intends to bring the life of Lantinx into contemporary art by celebrating community dancing, Rubik’s-Cube twisting, texting, violin playing and hair brushing through her bright brush strokes. With her experience in advertising and communication, storytelling has become “part of my DNA”, confides the artist. Thus, through her intricate compositions, she masterfully depicts the chaos, joy, and occasional despair that often unfolds around a crowded kitchen table.

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