It’s the last minute table decoration that will save your Christmas


You have thought of everything for the big day: gifts purchased, menu planned and drinks sorted. Everything except … the centerpiece. Don’t panic, the solution is in your cupboards and in the garden.

You will need:

  • Greenery
  • Pillar candle holder
  • Two everyday bowls (large and medium format)
Bowls and candle holder

How to create your festive centerpiece

1. Center the candle holder in the large bowl, securing it with mounting putty such as Blu-Tack.

2. Arrange prepreg green floral foam around the candle holder. Then, going around the bowl, insert greenery like conifer sprigs and a variety of ferns into the moss. Start with greenery around the circumference of the bowl, allowing it to spill over the edge, then fill inward toward the candle holder.

3. Fill in the spaces, here and there, with pine cones and leucadendron and artificial berries. These fillers act as accents.

4. Cut the floral foam to fit inside the medium bowl, then fill it with greenery and accents as before, aiming for a very light domed arrangement. Center the bowl on the candle holder with mounting putty. Once

Two-tier floral centerpiece

This arrangement is so versatile that you can recreate it for any occasion, adding your favorite flowers. Try flowers such as carnations, roses and ranunculus.

Simple and so effective!

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