Is our cooking obsession over or will it continue after confinement?



“We took pleasure in cooking and enjoying the right ingredients. And that has only deepened in the last year and a half, ”she said. “We now like to experiment with food and recipes and that will continue well beyond that time. People saw their inspiration ignite.

Fellow designer Gavin Hepper agrees. So many people have redesigned their kitchens over the past 18 months around better hygiene, higher quality appliances, features and shapes, that they will also want to spend more time there in the future.

People have invested more money in their kitchens than ever before.
Credit:Oxford Kitchen Projects by Concepts by Gavin Hepper

“It wasn’t a fad,” said Concepts by Gavin Hepper founder. “It’s much longer than that. I believe he will now be with us for a long time.

“People have invested more money than ever in their kitchens, they’ve upgraded their skills and bought better cooking equipment and realized how appalling their kitchens used to be – they’re falling in love again with hosting with their kids. family and friends. “

Estate agents find that potential buyers always place great importance on the size and quality of the kitchens in the homes and apartments they inspect, especially in Melbourne.

With the longest lockdown in the world, there may now be an element of reluctance to eat anywhere outside the house, believes Gary Ormrod of Kay & Burton South Yarra.

Designer kitchen in Collingwood.

Designer kitchen in Collingwood.Credit:Patricia la torre


“I know myself, I don’t eat dinner as often as I did before the lockdown,” he said. “I think it will take us longer to adjust than for the ones, maybe, in Sydney. Plus, many of us learned to cook while in lockdown and it has become a hobby for many. “

In the long run, we may still revert to the earlier behaviors of eating out regularly, says Andrew Cocks, Managing Director of Richardson & Wrench.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if we started to see a certain rebalancing of behaviors,” he said. “We might see people end up going back to foreclosure, especially if they end up going back to their offices. It may take two, four or five years, but I think it will happen. “

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