Inside Harvey Armstrong’s stunning London home from Made In Chelsea with a lavish kitchen


Made In Chelsea star Harvey Armstrong gave fans a glimpse of his stunning London apartment.

The 26-year-old, who has revealed he and ex-girlfriend Emily Blackwell “have separated”, previously shared the property with his former partner, although he temporarily moved away following the split.

While stranded more than a year ago, Harvey gave his 73,300 Instagram followers a tour of his home after it was strongly requested.

Speaking to his Instagram Stories, he explained: ‘I thought it’s a Sunday and we’re in lockdown and people have a lot of time at home, they want their house to be in a certain form, I would share with you guys.”

Harvey Armstrong previously shared the apartment with his ex-girlfriend

Harvey says he has
Harvey says he’s ‘temporarily moved on’ after his recent breakup

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Kicking off his whistle stop tour, the entrepreneur walked around his room, revealing the monochromatic taste of the interiors.

A queen bed rises to prominence in the center of the room with a plush gray headboard and is decorated with a series of black pillows and a matching throw.

Along with the simplistic vibe, the piece also features a series of mirrored drawers that help reflect light and keep the space as airy as possible.

The bedroom features mirrored furniture and white walls
The bedroom features mirrored furniture and white walls

With Harvey’s ex Emily de Harvey’s career as a YouTuber and influencer, the room also has space for her mirrored dressing table which is suitably placed next to a large window and is decorated with grass from the pampas.

Elsewhere, the TV personality showed off the bathroom which, on the contrary, is painted in a dark color and features dim lighting.

Moving towards the kitchen, you will discover an open space ideal for evenings with friends and family.

The U-shaped kitchen has its own bar
The U-shaped kitchen has its own bar

There is plenty of built-in storage in the apartment
There is plenty of built-in storage in the apartment

To one side of the space is a U-shaped kitchen with dark wood cabinets and crisp white worktops, in keeping with the rest of the house.

Turning around, there is a bench-style dining table that separates the kitchen and living room.

And taking pride of place in the living room section is Harvey’s beloved 58-inch TV, decorated with colorful light strips.

The open concept living room is ideal for entertaining
The open concept living room is ideal for entertaining

Offering maximum comfort for the night, the room also has a large emerald green sofa.

Being an apartment, the property doesn’t have too much outdoor space, although it does have a lavish balcony-turned-cozy space that offers views of Battersea Park.

During an interview with OKAY!Harvey exclusively revealed that the last series was “rocky” with his breakup played out on screen.

He said: “It has been a difficult season. You will definitely see the result in the show.

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