Indianola Charlotte’s Kitchen’s new restaurant opens in October


Gourmet Chicken Sandwich Restaurant That Grandmas Love Charlotte’s kitchen steals the co-op and chuckles with the opening of a new metro location in Indianola later this year.

The Johnston-based brick-and-mortar store will open its second stop in the small town, about 30 minutes south of Des Moines, in October at 102 N Jefferson Way

27-year-old CEO Michael Hanstad, who co-owns the fast food restaurant with friend Robert Doan, said the company hoped to bring more local produce to the city. He added that Indianola has been supporting the company since launching its food truck in 2020.

“It’s one of those towns in Iowa that’s a small town that’s struggling to get good local restaurants to come and stay,” Hanstad said.

Johnston High School Alumni opened their hometown location inside a closed Dairy Queen in January 2021.

What’s on the menu at Charlotte’s Kitchen?

The menu includes signature shakes with flavors like caramel, chocolate, and vanilla drizzled with dessert sauces, plus an inventive take on crispy chicken sandwiches featuring Nashville Hot Chicken, BLT Orange Chicken and a Rangoon crab sandwich.

Brussels sprouts, cheese curds, chicken breasts and more make the menu.

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Indianola’s new restaurant has Grandma Charlotte’s stamp of approval

During her childhood, Hanstad’s grandmother, Charlotte, taught her and her cousins ​​how to make jam and bread recipes at “Granny’s Camp”.

The camp gave him an appreciation for home-style recipes made from scratch and the namesake of his restaurant.

“She kind of instilled in me a love for cooking and making things from scratch and really caring,” Hanstad said.

Charlotte's Kitchen Grandma Wall of Fame in Johnston

Every Charlotte’s Kitchen social media post ends with the hashtag #GrandmasRule and the restaurant’s location in Johnston features a Grandma’s Wall of Fame, a gallery wall adorned with framed photographs of patrons’ grandmothers .

The new location in Indianola has Grandma Charlotte’s seal of approval.

“She wanted to make sure we stayed true to our roots,” Hanstad said. “That we continue to invite everyone into our house.”

Like the blue-lit neon sign that spells out Grandma Charlotte’s main rule when you enter Johnston’s restaurant “there’s always room for one more at the table,” Indianola residents will have many tables to sit in October.

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