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Indian Traditional Food launches “Gujjuben and Yo’s Kitchen sandwich pickles”

Posted on January 12, 2022

Indian Traditional Foods recently launched its two new ranges for global markets under its Gujjuben and YO’S Kitchen Sandwich Pickle brands at India’s largest food fair Indus Food 2022.

Gujjuben – The taste of Gujarat, within the framework of this ITF, launches the very first “Kit Panipuri 7 flavors, Panipuri Pani ready to use in three tangy flavors, Makhana Bhel and other articles.

As part of YO’s Kitchen Sandwich Pickle, ITF presents the very first Jam & Pickle mix to appeal to generations who start their day with Sandwich and end their day with Sandwich.

Before landing his plane to start his own business, Amit, at the same event last year, launched Garam Kadai – The Hot Pot and My curry 123. The latest successful product was tetra pack mango lassi. . He launched mango lassi in powder form in 2009, Indian condiments samosa chutney, bhelpuri chutney etc. Bikaji, Rasna, Bambino, Weikfield, Ramdev.

“ITF is committed to spreading the authentic Indian taste in the most innovative way and very soon the entire ITF range will be available in India on the e-commerce platform. Our mission is to spread the taste of India to the world. Our vision is to bring India to every dining table in the world in the most innovative way ” Amit Kumar Balecha, Founder and CEO of ITF, Gujjuben and YO’S Kitchen.

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