I’m an organized mom – I do a simple kitchen chore every night before bed and it’s completely changed my routine


A CLEAN house is a happy house.

It’s hard to feel good or stay focused in a house where things are messy.


Cleaning expert says every night she puts her kitchen ‘to bed’1 credit
This involves loading and running the dishwasher


This involves loading and running the dishwasher1 credit

A mom and home organization expert named Corinne Burghardt, who goes by @slayathomemother on TikTok, revealed how she keeps her space in pristine condition.

“One thing I recommend to any new housewife that makes sense is this: reset your kitchen and put her to bed.

“You might think I’m crazy when I say put your kitchen to bed, but it’s the one thing that’s saved my routine every day and it’s so much better for my family in the mornings.”

What exactly does she mean when she says she puts him to bed?

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She loads and runs the dishwasher, cleans the sink, stores leftovers, sanitizes the stove and countertops, wipes the table, rearranges the shelves, and vacuums the floors.

This way, she won’t wake up to a disaster in the kitchen that will cause her immediate stress.

“We can start from scratch, my mental health is better, my kitchen is cleaner, my house is tidier and that helps me a lot.”

By doing all of these chores before bed, you can sleep at night knowing you have much of the housework behind you.

“It’s also incredibly relaxing. And on very busy nights, I integrate the help of our three children and my husband.

Viewers loved the idea:

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“The next day always seems to be much better when you wake up to a clean kitchen,” one person wrote.

“I put my kitchen to bed almost every night, but my goal is every night! Amazing what a difference it makes to my mood in the morning,” another added.

She said the whole routine made her more relaxed


She said the whole routine made her more relaxed1 credit

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