How to set the perfect Christmas table


“Adding those special little touches to your table can enrich any meal and is sure to delight you – but, above all, making your guests feel relaxed, welcome and at home. Here are some of my essential table setting tips. at Christmas.”


Add color

“It’s fun to think seasonally. At Christmas I go for pastel and darker greens with the occasional red splash, but it doesn’t have to be a manual. I often match the colors of my tables to all the beautiful flowers that florists have in stock. back to the designs from a previous christmas, i chose big white swans and pastel blue nutcrackers and reindeer, so i think the colors can be to your liking and not strictly traditional. “


Flowers, flowers, flowers

“Where do I start? Go for what’s in season and be brave. Years ago I would be too afraid to mix variety and color, but now I’m doing it as much as I can. I love a peony. with a dahlia, the combination of long foxgloves and small tulips or just go for a simple daffodil and a daisy. Basically you can’t go wrong. When organizing your vases I think height is crucial so I try to have a mix of small and large button vases. If you want to create some real drama, I like a high flower arrangement in the center of your table to wow your guests. “


Customize your table

“It’s a minefield and you might not want to go too far down the rabbit hole, but it’s also the area where your creativity can really take center stage. Be brave if you can. and go big, that’s my advice Bows with initials on, crackers with your own ribbons or there are always embroidery napkins, which although expensive, are a nice gift for your guests to take with them. were younger. “


Add festive friends

“I’m a fan of this and I’m probably going too far … My Winter Woodland table landscape isn’t a strictly traditional Christmas palette and that’s why I went for white nutcrackers, green linen pastel and the stronger golden reindeer accent.My Jolly Nutcracker tablescape is more of darker reds and greens, and that’s why the elegant and festive Nutcracker, Deer and Reindeer Plates golds go so well. But the key here is that party friends don’t have to be used just once. “


The superposition and the great revelation

“My mom taught me that the secret to setting a table was to layer it on top of one another. For me, it starts with how I use my laundry. Am I using a placemat? Am I using a tablecloth? scene to add your plates, cutlery, flowers and seasonal decoration. Sometimes a table looks boring and drab and suddenly you add the finishing touch (layer), a potted daffodil for example, and then it all comes together. If you like to share the decorating with friends and family, but want to have the biggest impact, close the dining room or kitchen door and shut the beaver to get it all done before dinner time . Then the big reveal is even more impactful. Christmas is a time of joy and it usually puts everyone in a festive mood. A small drink also helps. “

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