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You’re not the only one who feels rusty hosting a dinner party after a year or more of social distancing. As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to embrace the comeback of family reunions, starting with a thoughtful table. Andrea Meendering, owner and head table decorator at Not My Dish, serves up her dos and don’ts – and a big pet peeve – when it comes to making table decor that impresses. Pull up a chair!

1. A Basic setting should include a plate, a set of cutlery and a glass. “It’s the bare minimum, but I also consider flowers to be essential, even at the basic level. “

2. a raised frame can bring two glasses, a salad plate, bread and butter or an appetizer plate, and even a charger. “A cool charger is underestimated. “

3. “If you make a buffet meal, especially at home, was still setting the table. Incorporate chargers to anchor each setting, as dishes will likely be stacked on a sideboard. Finally, embellish the decor with candles or fruit since you will not have serving platters on the table.

4. If you do a family meal, keep your flowers down. “The tables aren’t as wide as people think once you add table parameters; then you add a floral design and there is no room for the plates. I still like a little greenery, but keep the flowers low. “

5. Meendering’s biggest pet peeve is silverware placement. “It drives me crazy. If you cook it up, do it right. There’s even an emoji that set it right! Knives and spoons are on the right and forks are on the left.

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