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At Christmas time, our social media feeds are filled with photos of our proud hosts’ tables, ready for the main event. For those of us who are facing challenges in this area or who are hosting a Christmas lunch or dinner for the first time, where to start if you want to create a table setting that will let guests boo and ahhh without the expense. a fortune ? Carolyn Potgieter, founder of Mrs Tablescape, gives the following advice. The number of people present can determine the style of lunch or dinner and your table setting. While the number of people and the style of the event will not affect how you achieve a beautiful table scenery, you will need to have an idea of ​​the style of meal you will be serving with regards to your design. Before buying new items, go through your cupboards and take out vases, plates, glasses, serving dishes, bowls, etc. Take stock of what you already have and can use. Sometimes you can surprise yourself with things that you find hidden in the back of the cupboard. Group items like vases or sculptures that you might have, or use lots of fruits and vegetables as centerpieces. This is where you must have decided what you are going to serve (or at least have an idea) because now you can look at the eating plan and what bowls, serving platters etc. you have to present your menu. How many courses will you be serving? Will you need plates of appetizers and desserts to accompany the main meal, or will you serve yourself appetizers as appetizers, so all you need is plates of the main course and of desserts. Will you need a bread plate? These decisions will help you when designing your Christmas table setting because you know what plates you need on your table. Make a list of the serving utensils and dishes you will need to purchase in order for all of your menu items to have a home. Also think about the foods that will be placed on the table and those that will be served on the kitchen bench or on the side buffet. You don’t want to ruin a nice table if everything needs to be removed once the food is out. Take out your Christmas box or jars and see what you can use that you already have. It doesn’t need to be defined, but it gives you a place to start. Maybe you’ve used the same tablecloth for the past few years and want to buy a new one, or you have decorations that could be used for centerpieces. Having a beautiful table setting doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy all the new items, and it’s also something you can build on every year. Decide on your color scheme, starting with the items you already have. For example, do you want a traditional red and green, red and gold, or blue and silver theme? There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to color schemes; However, you’ll want to pick one, so you know what look you’re working towards. Tableware items you will need to include on your list include candy (if you want them), centerpieces, place mats or tablecloth (or maybe both), table runner (optional), towels, plates, wine and / or champagne glasses, glasses / water / soft drink tumblers and cutlery. When it comes to using a centerpiece, you have a choice of one large focal point – especially if you have a round or square table – or several smaller centerpieces if you have a rectangular table. As a guideline, keep your centerpiece below eye level when sitting down, as you don’t want it to obstruct guests’ view of each other. Also keep in mind the size of your table and the space you will have once the plates and glasses are out. It’s a good idea to experiment with the items you already have so you know how much space you have to play. A few craft centerpieces include candles in different sizes and colors, a vase filled with Christmas balls or cherries, or small boxes wrapped with ribbons. They just need to match your color scheme. When it comes to table decorating, napkins aren’t just napkins anymore – this is where you can get creative. From making small pockets for storing cutlery, and napkin rings, to personalized notes or place cards, there is a lot you can do with napkins. Almost anything can be used as a ring, from hair curls to ribbon or string.


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