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Much of the Christmas celebrations revolve around the festive table. If you want to impress your guests during the holidays, create a beautiful nature-inspired table setting using fresh foliage, sparkling lights, pretty placemats and dazzling decorations.

Setting the table is one of my favorite times during the holiday season,” says Sarah Raven. “Not only does it really turn the space into a magical space for the long Christmas dinner, but it combines all of my favorite things – scent, color, flowers and food.”

Are you looking for inspiration? Take a look at Sarah’s tips below …

1. Start with a centerpiece

If you want your Christmas table to have a real impact, always start with the centerpiece. Set the mood for cheerful gatherings and magical conversations by choosing festive plants, flowers, candles, foliage or a traditional Advent wreath to place in the middle. This will establish the basis for everything else, giving you something to work around.

“Christmas can also be about the growth and flowering of plants, or picking from the garden or the hedge, with the outdoors brought in,” Sarah explains. “My wire cake tray is the perfect base for this, instantly adding height to your table. Add candles, foliage, and flowers like ivy and hellebores, and let them glide beautifully across the table. “

2. Don’t forget the garlands


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Another way to make a quick centerpiece is to place a garland on the table rather than your door. To do this, simply wrap two or three garlands in the center of your table for a stellar display.

Sarah suggests “interweaving the garland with fodder evergreens – branches of camellia, pine, ivy or eucalyptus” and adding delicate LED lights for a sparkling spectacle.

3. Place the candles

“I love using tons of candles in our rich jewelry colors,” says Sarah. “Our dinner candle sets are available in different color palettes. For a table that pops, choose my favorite set, the Party set with colorful hot pink, lemon, dark orange, lime and heather candles (10, £ 95) “For a different look, try muted tones.”

A room scent also really uplifts the mood, so don’t be afraid to indulge in some lovely scented Christmas candles, such as cinnamon, clove, neroli, and orange. We’ve got this one from The White Company right at the top of our wishlist.

advent wreath with candles
Advent wreath with candles, Lights4Fun

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4. Add single stem flowers

Christmas might be all about fresh foliage and bright red poinsettias, but a staple for your table is single-stemmed flowers placed along the Christmas table runner or tablecloth.

Don’t know which ones to choose? Sarah suggests, “Red freesias paired with eucalyptus buds or seasonal winter jasmine are perfect for a light and delicate arrangement. Try to use whatever grows seasonally in your garden – a key part of our concept of “growing” Christmas.

sophie allport christmas table

5. Add your favorite decorations

Make the holiday season with your family even more special by adding some of your favorite decorations. From beautiful baubles to traditional ornaments, intelligently incorporate them into your table setting by placing them on plates or hanging them from centerpieces.

christmas table display stand
Shop the look on Lights4Fun

Oliver Perrott / Lights4Fun

6. Complete the look with your favorite dishes

“Finish the table with crockery, plates and add colorful napkins as a finishing touch,” says Sarah. “Our French cotton Venetian towels in specially chosen color combinations look lovely rolled up and tied with a pretty ribbon. They are also very durable. You can wash them over and over again, a hundred times or more, and they just get bigger. beautiful. “

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