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“My favorite table-style piece has to be the tablecloth,” says Nguyen. “It’s the fastest, easiest way to turn any table or surface in your home into a beautiful table setting. Whether it’s a beautiful print, a bold color or texture, a tablecloth instantly injects interest into a decor and anchors the entire look. From the global household goods juggernaut IKEA to Sydney-based table linen company Thekla, gorgeous tablecloths once impossible to find are popping up everywhere. But if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, head to Spotlight’s upholstery section and unleash the designer in you.

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Investment coins

You can buy a trendy vase or coaster on the cheap, but there are some aspects of your table where quality is essential. “Good cutlery. There is nothing more important in my opinion, ”says Vidović. “When it comes to dinnerware, mismatched plates and even glassware can be quaint and a bit endearing, but recycled cutlery isn’t cute.” Also, towels. “You can’t get by with paper napkins beyond a certain age, so invest in a decent set of linen or cotton napkins. If it’s the potential stains on fabric napkins that are keeping you from investing, take the advice of stylists around the world: soak them in Napisan.

Leave the room

“I don’t really like centerpieces because I treat food like the hero of my table,” says Nguyen. Which leads to a table decoration faux pas: style is so important that it becomes difficult to dine at the table. You want guests to be able to see and talk to each other, and for everyone to have access to food if you share a family style. To turn your dishes into full-fledged centerpieces, use serving utensils of various sizes and shapes, as well as free serving utensils. No plastic-coated tongs at the table please.



A great dinner is all in the atmosphere. “Don’t just think about what’s on the table to bring your party or meal to life. Think about all the senses, ”says Nguyen. “A beautiful ambiance spray to transport you to a destination, a fun playlist to set the mood and a well-stocked bar with ready-made cocktails will make a party exciting and inviting just as much as the table itself.” even and what it looks like. “

Practical magic

When it comes to table style, care and personality go a long way in getting things right, but if you want more school style rules, here is: keep your biggest style cues in the middle of the table so that guests don’t bang their elbows with an ornamental papaya. If floristry isn’t your thing, stick to one type of bloom. Use towels for texture: loose or knotted rather than folded rigidly under the cutlery. Less is more, so no table should have all of the following: placemats, napkins, tablecloth, coasters, napkin rings. Choose stylish pieces with different heights, shapes and sizes. Chandeliers add height, are understated and always add to the ambiance, even in broad daylight. Personalization is always a success, says Vidović. “If I’m up for splurging and the occasion calls for something a little whimsical, I’ll embroider my guests’ initials on their napkins to serve as a business card and also a take-out gift.” “

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