How the most famous gag married with children was born


Pepe Argentina struggles with the kitchen table

“Look at this me… look at this me…”, opposes Pepe Argentina When he sits down and sets up the kitchen to eat with the family and he, whose legs are uneven, begins to move from side to side. he was probably one of gag most remembered sitcom Which will finally have its theatrical version in the summer. Even then, It was off-script and, according to the protagonist, stemmed from Guillermo Francella’s genuine anger.

Invited to La Pea di Morphy alongside Marcelo de Bellis, Dario Lopilato and the aforementioned actor, Florencia Pea explained how the tip was born: “He sits in the kitchen and says to this little table like, “No.” Then his partner clarified that “he went too far”. The actress who played Moni Argento recalled amid laughs:He starts shaking the table and gets angry. Anger is the funniest thing to me. Guillermo, angry, true, that’s all. We are silent and he says ‘No, guys!’ “.

Argentinian family, married with children

“He started freaking out on the table and we said ‘You have to do this with Pepe’ and we didn’t change anything and it just stopped,” The actress celebrated what was after all gag The most recurrent in fiction. Is it the one where there is no table to move? ,That’s what he always did and it was because he was so angry that they gave us a lame table.», concludes the driver of p… love on.

Additionally, Flor recalled that at the time she also encountered several negative comments about the scenes during the premiere: “Obviously, it had to be a snacking game. When it came out, critics said it was a mothball comedy and they didn’t realize it was on purpose. But Guillermo still wanted everything to go well.

A few weeks ago, the actors put themselves in the shoes of their characters and began recording spots to promote the work. She is seen in the role of Peena in a video. Moni Silver And sing like that. ,Very good Moni. How did you improve, if you continue like this, you will sing in it…“, marks Francella in the skin of Pepe.

In the next scene they appear blurred dart explained by Marcelo de Bellis and Coqui Argentina, Dario Lopilato,I don’t understand ‘papuchu’”Lausanna’s brother complains about the time he spent without playing his beloved character. ,Let’s see if ‘coffee’ comes out for me,” Florence said later of an indelible line from Moni.

in this releaseErica Rivas will not play Maria Elena Fusenko, but Dardo will not be alone and Jorgelina Aruzzi will be similar to the role vacated, And will play the role of the girlfriend of an Argentinian neighbor.

“I didn’t land, they abducted me. I didn’t decide, they decidedAnd it always happened like this, not only with this: I didn’t want to stop living in these places of representation, it’s important for me to be beyond the jaws of the wolf., It’s very difficult to be there but I didn’t want to be there. opposite of this: I like Maria Helena and i always loved her, This character will always be something that I was very proud of, but hey, 15 years have passed, things have changed, you have to think about it differently, you have to see what we are laughing at right now and whatever. I already said. I’ll do it again, I’m sure: I’ll say the same thing again,” Rivas revealed last year. TV show,

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