How is Jimena Barón’s apartment: simple decoration, bright atmospheres and Nordic style


Jimena Baron he usually spends a lot of time at home and always shares the plans he organizes from the comfort of his home. From movie night with her son Momo to the healthy meals she prepares with the ingredients she has on hand.

Apparently, the singer wanted to spruce up her house and made several changes to renovate the living room. In his Instagram Stories, he showed off the furniture he chose for the space and explained that his decisions sought to give him wider environment.

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“I turned the table and put new chairs. I have glass tables because they enlarge the space“explained Jimena Barón showing the recordings of her renovated living room. He also pointed out that he chose wooden chairs instead of the old ones, which were plastic.

Plants are another element that Jimena Barón uses to decorate her home (Photo: Instagram / jmena).

In the video he made of his living room, we can appreciate the luminosity of the space, in addition to the details he chose to decorate the place: light paintings with plant and phrase motifs, candles as a centerpiece and mirrors. In addition, it has two armchairs to enjoy the television.

Daily intimacy and without coexistence: Jimena Barón told the pros and cons of going out with her

When his participation as a jury of The Academy, Jimena Baron I was inside couple with Matías Palleiro, singer Melina Lezcano’s ex. However, now his love life is a mystery, since Spain shared a list of her “resume” to find a man who will accept her as she is.

With complete sincerity, the Cobra weighed the pros and cons of dating her. On the positive side, she points out that she is doing very well financially and that she can buy her own handbags, in addition guarantees good sex every day.

Jimena Barón opts for colors and paints (Photo: Facebook / JImena Barón).
Jimena Barón opts for colors and paints (Photo: Facebook / JImena Barón).

In the aspects that can be negative for the other person, she expressed that she tends to change her mind a lot, that she is not that affectionate and that if she lives with someone, she wants that ‘they have separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

Jimena Barón’s CV to find true love

“This year, in May, I will be 35 years old. I have a son who is almost 7 years old. I can go out for a while, I have Mari -the nanny-, but after the time has passed, if they don’t s ‘don’t get along with my son, they should take the stick no matter how amazing they are in bed,’ were the first words the singer wrote on her Instagram stories.

The list continued with other items: “I’m fine thank god I don’t need the money, I buy my own bags and whatever makes me happy. If the other does better than me, it gives me a lot of joy and I want the same thing the other way around. I am neither jealous nor stupid. I don’t check things, no one checks me at all. I do not aspire to coexistence. If that happens, I bet on separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

The list of pros and cons of dating Jimena Barón.  (Photo: instagram/jmena).
The list of pros and cons of dating Jimena Barón. (Photo: instagram/jmena).

Then he added: “I don’t dream of getting married, if it is very important I would not refuse. I like to get up early, work out, eat healthy, and give it to myself once a week, put it on. Crack is not a state I like. I am much more structured than I look and much less crazy. I only cook with envy. I can’t live without mate and sudoku or without self-definition. Family day on Sunday.

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