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Jen Hidinger from The Giving Kitchen

The generous cuisine and Big table came to Nashville from Atlanta and Washington State, respectively, to organize financial and welfare assistance for our hospitality industry. To these two organizations: We know you have more than enough to say grace in your own hometowns, but you have made the difficult decision to expand your reach in our city and hire staff to put on boots. the field because you thought we were worth it, and we are honored and gratified by your presence.

Our entire community was hit hard by the double whammy of the tornado and pandemic in early 2020, and that’s exactly when you stepped in to show workers in our hospitality industry that they are. seen, that they were appreciated, and that they are an important part of what makes Nashville a great city. With your efforts to provide much-needed help to food service workers – who may need everything from a friendly mechanic who will make a deal on a brake job, a little help with next month’s rent, or even emergency psychological counseling – you’ve already gone above and beyond in your first few months here. Hopefully we’ll return the favor by helping to make those connections and raising funds for your long-term efforts, which will continue to be an important safety net for some of our neighbors.

—Chris Chamberlain

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