Help your kids develop their independence with this smart table setting hack



Get your kids to set the table on their own with this nifty trick!

The TikTok Crafty Moms (@craftymoms) account has attracted nearly 3 million users for their videos featuring craft projects and nifty tips that help kids learn practical skills. Recently, they shared a video featuring a simple tip for teaching kids to set the table.

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The clip shows viewers how to help children achieve a “greater level of independence” by creating their own place setting. The filmmaker begins by swapping an ordinary placemat for a blank sheet of paper.

After placing the dishes and utensils on the paper, they outline each item with a pencil, labeling each stencil drawing with its purpose. Finally, they cover the sheet with transparent tape so that the children can wipe up the leftovers cleanly.

The finished product is a DIY doily with pattern settings specially designed to help kids figure out which items go where at the table.

Parents and non-parents alike have turned to TikTok to express their enthusiasm for the smart hack.

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“Me who takes notes even though I’m only 23 years old and [don’t] I still have a child, ”one user joked.

“It’s a fantastic idea! And so much cheaper,” gushed another viewer.

“My daughter helped me set the table at 2 o’clock. She was just putting things on the side because she couldn’t reach but loves to help. Now [at] 4 ½, still helping, ”one person explained.

“I like it! This is how we teach kids to clean independently at school as well,” noted one smart educator.

Incorporating practical skills into your child’s routine is a great way for them to develop their independence and self-motivation. With videos like this one, it’s easier than ever to find activities that are both fun and informative.

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