Hell’s Kitchen: 10 Biggest And Surprising Moments From The Iconic Cooking Show


I don’t know if you know, but I’m pretty obsessed with cooking competition shows.

Straight up, I could watch them for hours, because not only do they inspire me to keep learning how to cook amazing dishes, but they entertain me with funny moments. One person in particular I’m obsessed with is Gordon Ramsay and her Fox cooking shows– More precisely Hell’s Kitchen.

For 20 seasons, this cooking competition show has been heating up the kitchen with incredible moments, spicy feuds and more. From the show’s debut to the final seasons, here are some of the biggest and craziest moments of Hell’s Kitchen until now.

Gordon Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen.

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“Where’s the lamb gravy?!” (Season 2, Episode 1)

It’s arguably one of the show’s most memorable moments, and for good reason. During season 2, episode 1 of hell’s kitchen, competitors were trying to serve lamb without any particular sauce that was supposed to go with it. After a series of mistakes, Gordon naturally explodes and asks his chefs “Where’s the lamb gravy?” time and time again, thwarted by their constant mistakes.

It’s one of the funniest moments on the show, hands down, but regardless, nothing can beat the delivery Gordon gave it.

Giovanni in Hell's Kitchen.

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When Gordon Almost Got in a Fight with a Giovanni (Season 5, Episode 10)

Giovanni in season 5 of Hell’s Kitchen had talent, but in the end what eliminated him was when he answered Gordon, which is a big no-no. In Episode 10, Giovanni was yelled at by Gordon during dinner service due to poor performance, calling Giovanni a “dick face” and telling him to clean up his act.

Giovanni, however, fought back, and this furious Gordon, so much so that he stood up in the man’s face and threatened to eliminate him on the spot. This ended up being Giovanni’s last dinner service on hell’s kitchen, so it seems that there was some truth in this threat.

Kimmie and Robyn in Hell's Kitchen.

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Constant Feud by Kimmie and Robyn (season 10)

Season 10 is one of my favorite seasons of hell’s kitchen, precisely because of this quarrel. Robyn and Kimmie were two contestants on the season and from the start, these two constantly butted heads, whether it was trying to get the other eliminated, throwing the other under the bus, or other means.

It’s hard to pick a singular moment with how often they argued, but they were certainly do not the best of friends.

The salmon that Gordon hit in Hell's Kitchen.

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When Gordon Hit the Salmon (Season 16, Episode 4)

Because sometimes you have to eliminate your aggression somehow.

Season 16 of Hell’s Kitchen started off easy, but Episode 4 is where things really started to heat up in the kitchen. When Gordon receives a less than adequate salmon from his chefs after several failed attempts, he slams his hand directly on it, smashing the salmon into pieces.

As someone who has cooked salmon several times, with recipes from several different types of cooking shows, it pained me to see such a beautiful fish go to waste, but that’s what happens when you upset the master chef himself. And, as we single out this particular moment, Gordon broke a lot salmon in the past out of anger.

Gordon and the

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When Gordon Dated a “Competitor” (Season 7, Episode 1)

For those who don’t know, Gordon Ramsay has been a married man for over two decades now, so when it happened it was enough surprise first. In season 7 of hell’s kitchen, during the first episode, Gordon takes a particular interest in a black-haired woman, complimenting her repeatedly, hugging her, kissing her on the cheeks and finally, kiss her full on the mouth.

It’s not so surprising later, as it’s revealed moments later that it was actually his longtime wife, Tana Ramsay, in disguise, so all is well here in loveland!

Siobhan in Hell's Kitchen.

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And When Gordon Called Siobhan a Donkey (Season 7, Episode 8)

Gordon had some interesting insults throughout his time on hell’s kitchen, but for some reason this one always stands out the most for me. During season 7, episode 8 of hell’s kitchen, Gordon goes after a competitor, Siobhan, for her less than stellar scallops she produced, insulting her and calling her an “ass”.

It’s so funny to always hear him call someone that, but that moment was one of the first times we’ve seen him use that slur and the way he says it is always so hilarious.

Gordon Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen.

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When Joseph Tinnelly confronted Gordon during his elimination (season 6, episode 2)

Look I am still a fan of fightswhether it was in movies or on TV, but I was really nervous for Gordon during season 6, episode 2 of Hell’s Kitchen. During the elimination, as Gordon confronts Joseph Tinnelly for his poor cooking skills and “shitty” attitude, Joseph decides to take this personally and storms off Ramsay, insulting him and trying to provoke him into a fight after he was eliminated from the series.

Gordon, being the professional he is, does not start a fight with Joseph, who is taken away by security, while Gordon curses him with a series of insults that would make a sailor blush, as he walks away. It was such a tense moment.

Gordon Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen.

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When Gordon insulted a customer and said he looked like “a quail” (season 7)

The biggest rule of going to Hell’s Kitchen is not to expect food to come out soon, or food to be perfect at first, because things just happen. When something bad happens, just politely tell someone to bring the food back and it will be fine.

But, one Season 7 customer decided to confront Gordon personally, getting up from his table and heading for the kitchen, saying the meat he was getting was “substandard dog food” at best. Obviously Gordon was enough insulted by this and told the customer to “fuck you” before saying he looked like “a quail”.

I had no idea someone could be called quail as an insult, but coming from Gordon it certainly is.

Gordon Ramsay and Jeff in Hell's Kitchen.

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When Jeff Insulted Gordon and Stormed (Season 1, Episode 3)

One of the most infamous moments of Hell’s Kitchen the story unfolded during its third episode of Season 1. Jeff, one of the contestants, got fed up with Gordon insulting him for his bad cooking and called Ramsay “an asshole”. After that, he took off his jacket and stormed the set.

And not only that; he dropped out of all the competition. It was the last we already seen from him. But you know what they say – if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, better get out.

Gordon and the Black Jackets in Hell's Kitchen.

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When Gordon Told Every Black Jacket to Get Out of the Kitchen (Season 4, Episode 10)

For those who don’t watch hell’s kitchen, the show begins with two teams, red and blue, and at the end, is combined into one when the black jacket team is selected, with the season’s finalists competing for the grand prize. These are meant to be the crème de la crème, the best of the best chefs.

That’s why this moment is so huge.

In Season 4 Episode 10, when all the black jackets were selected, everyone on their first dinner service kept making mistake after mistake, and soon Gordon was ordering everyone out of the kitchen and the service is closed. Considering that at this point they are supposed to be the best competitors left, it was a huge miss and showed that sometimes people don’t work well together. I will never forget Gordon’s upset face.

Hell’s Kitchen we hope to return soon – maybe even appear on the 2022 TV premiere schedule – since it was renewed for a few more seasons. Hopefully we can add some even crazier moments that we can talk about before long.

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