Having trouble organizing your kitchen? Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput has simple advice



Basically, everyone has a bug in them that drives them to organize and organize again. Whether it’s learning how to fold a towel in multiple ways, put your sweaters back at an acute angle or organize your shopping in a hundred different ways. Whether it’s watching countless videos on social media or learning organizational skills from professionals, the obsession is real.

And it seems Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput, shares the obsession with us. Sasha, Mira and their children Misha and Zain have moved into their new home in Worli which costs a whopping Rs 58 crores. The couple haven’t shared too many photos of their home, but the few that have found their way onto the web are dreamy.

The duplex house has open spaces, a large living room and balconies facing the sea. A few days ago, Mira continued to share inside glimpses of her kitchen and the female star is an obsessive organizer. She then shared the table counter of her cutting boards and another image that shows how her pulses are organized.

Check out the photos here:

Mira Rajput Instagram
Mira Rajput kitchen

POINT: If you are arranging a table counter in your kitchen, do not place them haphazardly in a corner. Use a tray or placemat like Mira to make the counter more organized, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

A few other things to try to organize your kitchen is to use glass jars with labels for each one that gives it an edge and makes them look neat. But always remember that less is more and it’s minimalism that makes your kitchen look stylish!

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