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It seems that Gypsy Table, a unique concept of high-quality dining whose location is hidden until the last moment, has really taken Croatia over. The author of the idea is Richard Gruica, the ultimate culinary maestro and a visionary who dedicated his latest edition of Gypsy pop-up dinners to women.

Inspired by his mother, the gastro-director this time brought together a strong female “cast” of chefs, artists, winegrowers and other entrepreneurs from the world of gastronomy, wine, beauty and spirits.

At the very beginning of the year, on Friday January 4, Gypsy Table saw its third edition in Zagreb, which once again delighted the guests. After having fun one last time in “Katran”, with acrobats, fire eaters and fortune tellers, this time the place was the Front Garden restaurant, which offered a chic industrial experience to the guests.

As usual, dinner started with a welcome drink, Kraljica sparkling wine from winemaker Ivana Puhelek and cocktails prepared by Lori Brnčić and Gordana Muktić, inspired by Santa Clara liqueurs, Gin Mare and tonic 1724. La MC (mistress of the ceremony) was our famous jazz singer Ines Tričković, who greeted the guests with a beautiful a cappella performance from La Vie En Rose.

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The first dish was a snack made from Slavonian black pork lard, salad and sourdough bread, and Chef Petra Plantak paired this dish with Wild Skins 2017 wine, produced by famous winemaker and wine master, Jo Ahearne, who personally presented his wine. The second course consisted of black pudding with coleslaw and black radish salad, red cabbage and a cumin-based sauce and a jam of purple onions, pomegranates, red wine and carob crumbs, accompanied by Zinfandel 2013 from the Bura cellar. -Mrgudić. Antonija and Marija Mrgudić presented the wines.

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The third course, Ružica Jukučić’s tuna goulash with polenta, was accompanied by Ahearne South Side Plavac Mali 2014, while the fourth course was named “Crispy and fragrant” and consisted of lamb confit in olive oil. , Luganina sausage, barley and pumpkin. Chickpea cream and puree.The delicious meal was accompanied by Bura-Mrgudić 2016 Plavac Mali Sivi, a “mutant” Plavac Mali macerated for four days and made by only three wineries in Croatia.

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Throughout the evening, famous illustrator Maya Beus from international fashion houses produced guest portraits – each costing around 200 kuna. The proceeds went to charities, more specifically to the Autonomous House of Women of Zagreb (AWHZ), a feminist organization with a mission to support and help women who have survived violence and to strengthen the position of women in the society.

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The end of the evening was marked by the creation of the famous Croatian pastry chef Petra Jelenić, the Grand Lady Pumpkin. Antonija Nikolić paired it with the Spanish cocktail 75, designed by the owner of “50 A Burger and Champagne Bar” Adena Lavin. The dinner was also supported by Ivana Urem Marohnić (the famous Korica bakery in Zagreb), Bosiljka Belić (excellent extra virgin olive oil Oleum Viride), Sanda Martinčević (+ Gligora cheeses), Ana Teskera and Maja Šepetavec (Brlog craft brewery) and Irena Bastijanić (Poeticacao) whose sweet delicacies were given as gifts at the end of the dinner.

All the women wore clothes designed by Iva Karačić.

MaliParty was the designer of the event space, while the cocktails were also supported by Althaus and Hug & Punch Coffee Co, two women-owned companies.

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