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Holidays and vacations are usually remembered for their good company, good food and good drinks. While it might not be the most recognized item, the furniture in your home sets the stage for memorable interactions and festivities. Make sure you get the most out of your living space with the Transformer Table Dining Set with Bench and Coffee Table.

This multifunctional set is the ultimate centerpiece for any party, gathering, or night out. It was designed to bring people together and expand to fit perfectly into any home.

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It includes a transformer table, a bench and a coffee table. The table adjusts from 18 inches to 10 feet to accommodate up to 12 people. The bench can accommodate up to six of your guests, extending up to 11 feet and supporting over 1,500 pounds. The coffee table works like a normal coffee table and can be used as an extendable shelf.

This set is made from 100% hardwood with a gray Siberian birch finish. Enjoy its functionality and style. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, it was built to stand the test of time.

Each part of this set has at least a dual function. The table can serve as a small decorative piece or a long banquet space. The bench and coffee table can seamlessly store the table extension panels. Easily transform and move this set to fit any occasion.

Entertain your guests with this beautiful functional set. And when you don’t need to sit 12 people, enjoy this set in its compact, folded form.

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Usually priced at $ 3,199, it’s been slashed by 21%, bringing the price down to just $ 2,499.99. Create unforgettable memories by gathering friends and family around the Transformer Table Dining Set with Bench and Coffee Table.

Prices subject to change.

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