Frugal pair build a stunning kitchen corner seat with lumber intended for the dumpster – and save a fortune


A DIY-savvy couple have shared their handy advice after creating an impressive corner seat for just £100.

Matthew Scoby, 28, and his partner Grace Shannon, 27, caught the DIY bug when they bought their first home at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

Matthew, a factory operator, and Grace, an elementary school teacher, started small, making a mantel for their fireplace, and quickly moved on to tiling their own kitchens and laying the floor.

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Gaining confidence, the Middlesbrough couple then salvaged some old timber for the dumpster and built a beautiful corner storage unit.

They only spent £100 on the project and estimate it would have cost up to £800 to have it professionally built.

Matthew told the Facebook group to save money DIY on a budget UK “We bought our first home at the start of the first lockdown knowing it was going to be a long-term renovation project for us.

“Grace had seen a video on TikTok of a lady who had built her own bench with storage which we decided to make our own version.

“We wanted a six-seater table about 72 inches long, so after doing some rough measurements on the floor, we taped down the area and decided to go ahead.

“Once we had the full frame of the seat made, we ran long pieces of wood from the base to the backrest to make the backrest a bit more stable.

The couple had spotted a TikTok video of someone making their own bench, so they thought they’d give it a try

“We then cut the top of the backrest and seats with hinges and attached them making sure we left enough lip on the edge to allow us to cover the whole bench and still have a little lip to lift the seat up. to enter storage.

“After that, all that was left was to pin and stick the tongue and groove siding to complete it.

“I asked if I could find some spare materials and found out my barbers were doing a refit and removing an old stud wall, so I asked if I could salvage the scraps to use, what they accepted.

“When I went to pick it up, there was another store that was being remodeled and they had a dumpster full of old pieces of wood, so I went to ask if I could pick up some of theirs, which they allowed me.

“Then I was also able to salvage an old cabinet that was stored in a family member’s garage to use for the seat, the floor in the storage and the top of the backrest.”

The finished result
The finished result

And if Matthew could offer any advice, he said it would be to plan ahead.

He said: “Without succeeding in getting freebies, I would imagine it would cost closer to £150 or £180, however, I think it could be done cheaper as I think I went a bit too far in reinforcing the frame.

“I would imagine it would cost between £600 and £800 to be professionally built.”

“Saving that money by doing it ourselves opens so many doors for us to do more decorations and projects in the future.”

Tom Church, co-founder of “This is an absolutely stunning corner seat that looks like it cost thousands of dollars to make.

Kudos to Matthew and Grace for doing it all themselves, having never done a DIY just a few years ago.

“What I like even more is the way they hunted the wood for the tipper.

“That means they saved a lot of money, reduced waste and also helped the environment.”

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