Fred and Marties Soup Kitchen are visited by the Dis-Chem Foundation


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Winter is a time when the plight of the poor is more prevalent than ever, as nighttime temperatures in Gauteng regularly drop below freezing. In the Claremont suburb of Joburg, Fred & Martie’s Soup Kitchen has been putting kindness into the bodies of the less fortunate for more than four decades.

This family approach was started 43 years ago by Fred and Martie Hughes. They had moved to Claremont in March 1981. Fred, in particular, was no stranger to poverty, having grown up in poverty himself.

Martie began feeding the children from a table on the sidewalk with sample packets of chopped soybeans that Fred got from the factory where he worked. While Martie fed the children, he shared the sample packets of ground soybeans with hungry people in the community.

After years of supporting those in need and wanting to leave their legacy of helping the community in good hands, the soup kitchen was finally left to their children.

My mother saw the need for these children because they stopped every day at the door and asked for a piece of bread or butter or just something to eat.

Yolindie Oberholzer, Social Worker – Fred & Marties Soup Kitchen

We were born to have a purpose in life and to feel part of something.

Riaan Oberholzer, President – Fred & Marties Soup Kitchen

Wasanga Mehana from 702 joined Jacqui from the Dis-Chem Foundation to visit Fred & Martie’s soup kitchen and see how they can help.

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