Ford pickup owner’s Halloween decoration has a special surprise


Halloween is fast approaching and the owner of a Ford F-150 in the United States has had a little fun with his pickup.

A video of the truck was recently shared on YouTube and shows a fake human skeleton perched on top of the tailgate. A sign on the truck also reads “Honk for a Treat,” so the person who filmed that clip did it quickly.

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After honking, nothing happened for a few seconds, but soon after, water began to spurt out of a small hole in the tailgate, just between the skeleton’s legs. It’s a little fun and let the kids shoot this video in stitches. The water is probably controlled by a button or switch in the cabin of the F-150.

When we first watched this clip, we thought that after honking the horn, the truck’s little central rear window might have popped open, revealing something scary or morbid, but it wasn’t not the case. There is an idea for next year.

Car manufacturers themselves often use social media during Halloween, posting various things. Two years ago, BMW shared an image on Twitter of a Mercedes-Benz E53 covered in a cover sporting the design of a BMW M5. The German automaker has suggested that the E53 could dress up as its favorite superhero for Halloween. It was a really good move at Mercedes, but the Daimler Truck division quickly responded, noting that the car cover was a “really scary costume” due to the size of the M5’s kidney grilles. Well we don’t know if it is this scary, by they have a point …

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