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Or consider supporting black-owned wineries such as The Guilty Grape (also female-owned; $ 30 for their Cabernet Sauvignon), or the burgeoning natural and eco-friendly wine industry. Pick a wine that connects geographically with the receivers, like a bottle of Cabernet Franc from Bulgaria, to remind them of a destination on their travel list.

Other inexpensive gifts for the oenophiles around you include coasters, a pair of vintage wine glasses, a wine cooler pouch and a wine bottle stopper.

How about a small bottle or box full of hot spices, perhaps paired with a small pitcher of cider or large mugs? This budget-friendly gift lands big in terms of seasonal joy – pour the cider into a saucepan, add the spices and in 15 minutes the kitchen will smell like the height of the holidays.

Melissa’s makes an excellent blend of hot spices, made from cloves, cinnamon and orange zest, available in supermarkets and online.

A cute new set of measuring cups and spoons are always welcome for the bakers in your life. Sustainability-focused Bamboozle makes durable, colorful products from natural bamboo fibers in three pretty, understated colourways. $ 28 for cups and spoons together.

For the Experimental Cook, give a few boxes of hand-picked spices or spice mixes. The world of spices has come a long way in recent years, with much more attention to origin, process, freshness, authenticity.

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