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Victoria Cosford

I can imagine how beaming the smiles were when Dexter Chou and Linda Hung recently took over their stall at Mullumbimby Farmers Market. Radiance Kitchen and its dazzling display of dumplings had, like many in the area, fallen victim to the recent floods; their base, home and garden for 11 years in Mullumbimby were flooded to the point where the couple were forced to flee. Currently in South Golden Beach, they are awaiting repairs to enable them to return, and to be able to revive their garden, the source of many of their dumpling toppings.

For now, it’s back to business as usual. Dexter and Linda’s delicious hand-rolled dumplings, in their variety of colors – naturally dyed using turmeric, butterfly pea flower, kale powder and dragon fruit – owe much of their success in the region to the fact that their skins are gluten-free. Unsurprisingly, given the region, the most popular filling is vegetarian, followed by shrimp, chicken, and pork. Dexter tells me the best way to eat them is to wait a few minutes after steaming because “the batter will be more elastic and flavorful after the skin has cooled down a bit.” He says he finds joy in new flavor discoveries and new visual appeal and, his customers will be delighted to hear, he doesn’t think he’ll ever stop, “creating new fusions or dumplings. of garnish”.

You can buy take-out packs of their frozen dumplings – a great idea for instant meals – although most people buy them freshly steamed, placed on a tray and served with their homemade gluten-free kimchi and soy sauce.

As for that laborious and delicate manual work – the rolling, the folding, the pleating, the pinching of the silky dough – Dexter says he never gets bored, that the process “heals my body, my mind and my spirit”. . Being from Taiwan, he continues, dumplings are already an integral part of their lives. “The gluten-free dumplings we make are exactly (how) we’re giving dumplings a fresh start so more people can enjoy them, and we hope we can shine down that path as our name, Radiance Kitchen.”

You can find them at the Mullum Farmers Market every Friday from 7am to 11am.

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