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Pelargonium for Europe

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Whether it is for the banquet office or as a residence decoration, decoration is an essential part of Easter. Usually there: colored eggs and flowers. In addition to traditional early bouquets, noble geraniums are perfect for Easter flower decorations. First grown as houseplants, these stunning bouquets brighten up interiors with their impressive blooms and charged colors, extended before the start of the planting season for flowerbeds and balconies.

Pelargonium authorities for Europe clearly show how enchanting Easter decorations can be established with noble geraniums, chicken and quail eggs.

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Pelargonium for Europe

Pelargonium for Europe is the promotion initiative of European geranium growers Dümmen Orange, Elsner PAC, Florensis / P. van der Haak Handelskwekerij, Geranium Endisch, Selecta Just one and Syngenta Bouquets. The initiative was created in 2016 with the aim of approving geranium sales in Europe and securing them over time. The campaign is now run in 22 countries. In Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, Internet marketing actions are financed by the EU within the framework of the “Europe in bloom” campaign.

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