Drew Barrymore loves making a mess in the kitchen with her daughters


As a mother of two daughters, Drew Barrymore knows that planning meals for young children can be daunting, even for those who love to cook. Just because there are delicious homemade dishes that someone spent hours preparing on the table doesn’t mean the little ones will enjoy what’s there.

So, like many other parents and caregivers, Barrymore does her best every day. Some are successful, and some fail. But one thing the talk show host isn’t too worried about is letting her kids mess with her in the kitchen while making things they like to eat.

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Drew Barrymore keeps it simple to feed his daughters

In Barrymore’s lifestyle book, rebellious housewife, she shares that she’s not “chic” when it comes to feeding her kids because she found it’s not that easy. “Frankie has a more adventurous palate, but Olive kind of wants what she wants,” she notes.

Thus, they go through ups and downs with what they are going to eat. Barrymore says her daughters will really like something new for a short time before they dislike it. And sometimes they go through periods where they “just don’t want to eat anything.”

One thing she uses to get through the “ongoing process” of being the meal provider for picky kids is hands-on participation in the kitchen with Frankie and Olive.

“It’s so much fun for me to cook with my kids, and it always bothers me,” she wrote in Rebellious housewife. “Flour all over the kitchen floor as we cook…we tried to be more responsible and less messy because that mess can be epic cleanups.”

But when she tries to get through long days and get her two daughters to eat through them, she just does her best and then tries again in the morning. “Lather, rinse, repeat,” she sums up.

Drew Barrymore ‘doesn’t sit at a table like a Norman Rockwell painting’ with his daughters

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While sharing some insights into his home life with Frankie and Olive, Barrymore reveals in Rebellious Housewife that she and her children “not sit at a table like a Norman Rockwell painting” to eat.

They gather on the kitchen island for cereal and hard-boiled eggs in the morning before school. For dinner, she tries to get them to sit down at the table. But sometimes “they just want to sit on the sofa with little tables in front of the TV”, and she likes that too.

the For all time star relates to people who want their children so badly to eat healthy food and sit down at the table for dinner. But she says she also goes into ‘parental survival mode’ and tries to get her daughters to eat Something throughout a few days.

“As a parent, you worry because the way you’re doing it isn’t the right way. But there is no right way,” she suggests.

Drew Barrymore is ‘just another parent trying to feed her kids’

As Barrymore revealed after her divorce from the father of her daughters, she had no plans to be a co-parenting single mom with an ex. But she’s learned that things don’t always go as planned. Thus, she approaches certain things in life without expectations or aspirations and just hopes to get through.

“…My culinary journey since becoming a mom hasn’t been condescending or overly ambitious. I’m just another parent trying to feed my kids and do the best I can. And some days I fail, and some days I feel like I succeed,” she concludes in her lifestyle book.

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