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The setting of the dining table plays a key role in making it look inviting. Table decor would be incomplete without locations, and it’s only fitting that you get a set that complements your dining room decor. Setting the table is an art and a decent set of placemats will only add to its beauty. Find our placemats recommendations that will ensure your dinner is both aesthetic and inviting.

These sleek and sophisticated faux leather placemats are sure to give your dining table an elegant and presentable look. These placemats are designed to last a long time and leave an attractive impression. In addition, they can protect the dining table from heat, and can also be used as an object of interior decoration.

These black placemats will be perfect with a glass table top.

This dark hued placemat is made of bamboo with an excellent finish and is ideal for decorating your dining table for a rustic chic look. These bamboo placemats are easy to clean and can be used for all kinds of dining tables – round, square, outdoor, indoor and more.

If you are someone who enjoys incorporating earthy and elemental pieces into your home, then these placemats would be the perfect option for you.


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These vinyl placemats with beautiful floral prints on them will usher in a summer feeling and tropical vibe. The soothing floral designs give them a cheerful vibe and will definitely make your table top look the same.

Overall, these placemats are reminiscent of timeless and cheerful things and would definitely enhance your dining table.

These ethnic print placemats in pop colors will redefine the aura of your dining room and give your table top an eclectic look. Bring them home and enjoy the light in your dining room.

You can coordinate these pieces with matching coasters or runners or take a kitsch route and contrast them with different shades.

This woven round placemat is sure to give a contemporary look to your dining table, especially if you have one made of wood. This timeless placemat pairs well with traditional and modern tableware.

These jute placemats are also great for protecting your table from scratches and stress, thus extending the life of your table.

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