Dream Christmas table decoration ideas to celebrate the season in style


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Set the stage for an unforgettable Christmas day with these gorgeous party table decor ideas from Fox & Ivy, Tesco’s premium household goods brand.

Christmas is all about having fun and making memories, so with the dining table being the focal point of family Christmas Day celebrations, it’s worth the time to invest in getting it right, after all, we want that. the table is at its best after all the efforts of preparing such an extravagant feast!

Great entertainment begins with a magical setting and creating it has never been easier, thanks to Tesco’s Fox & Ivy household goods brand. The range makes the most of the season’s rich, decadent colors, with a huge selection of home accessories that will instantly make your home feel luxurious and opulent.

We’ve picked our favorite ways to transform your dining table top to suit your style.

Let the party begin

Entertain your guests in style this Christmas by making the most of the celebration with this stunning copper champagne bowl. Crafted of stainless steel with a beautiful warm copper finish, this elegant stand features a hammered effect that captures light to create a stunning glow.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy Copper Hammered Champagne Trug, £ 20, Tesco

Go for sparkling glassware

Keep your guests in the know this holiday season with stylish champagne flutes. Hand-decorated with sparkling gold and platinum bands, this striking set of champagne flutes will be a luxurious addition to any event.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy Gold & Platinum Pack of 4 champagne glasses, £ 20, Tesco

Take inspiration from the north

Use cool winter colors, wood and marble for a casual Scandinavian-style Christmas table. These sleek and contemporary coasters are a must have for those who love trendy pieces that you can use all year round.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy 4-Pack Wood & Marble Coasters, £ 12, Tesco

Give your project a Midas touch

Finding a color scheme for Christmas can be a challenge, but if you really want to impress, a glam gold scheme is a sure-fire winner. Go for a gold cutlery set like this for some real Gatsby glamor.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy Soho 16 Piece Cutlery Set, £ 30, Tesco

Wow with sumptuous accessories

Keep the midas touch this holiday season. Gold accessories are a glamorous addition to any Christmas table, and these square placemats are no exception. Not only pretty but also practical. These designs that will protect your table from marks or the heat of hot serving dishes.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy Gold Lacquer Placemats 2-pack, £ 12, Tesco

Make it marble

Serve a treat on this beautiful marble serving tray. The natural beauty of marble makes it a popular choice for decoration. In its paler forms, it’s super versatile, allowing you to decorate pretty much any way you like, while the heavily veined versions will make a statement on their own. A wonderful centerpiece for any occasion, marble will also help keep your cheeses and cold meats cooler for longer.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy Marble Oval Serving Board, £ 18, Tesco

Dazzle with decorative glassware

The table is the obvious focal point of any dinner party, especially in the winter when it is dark outside and all entertaining takes place indoors. The right glassware is essential to serving your guests this season, so make sure you get it right with a glamorous drink to get everyone talking. This Fox & Ivy set is made from crystal glass, known for its beautiful clarity, quality and durability.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy Gold & Platinum 4 Pack Diamond Whiskey Glasses, £ 20, Tesco

Set the mood by candlelight

There are few better ways to create a Christmas atmosphere than with a beautiful candle display. Economical and requiring minimal effort, they have long been one of our favorite ways to make decor comfortable and welcoming as the nights draw near. This candle holder, with its modern design and elegant brass finish, will make a luxurious addition. at your dining table.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy Dinner Candle Holder, £ 6, Tesco

Serve a snack

Scandinavian design has so much to offer. Modern and minimalist, the Nordic trend is renowned for its elegant simplicity and has become one of the most coveted looks of the past year. You don’t have to be a purist to achieve the Scandinavian style you want. This white porcelain bowl is the perfect addition to decadent dinners. Your guests will not be disappointed.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy Soho Gold Nibble Bowl, £ 3, Tesco

Take it shaken not stirred

Prepare delicious drinks for your guests with this smart cocktail shaker. This sleek design features popular cocktail recipes – just turn the body to choose from a pina colada, margarita, and many other mouthwatering options.

Buy Now: Fox & Ivy Gold Cocktail Shaker, £ 8, Tesco

Fox & Ivy has something for everyone. Plus, each piece offers great value, giving you the perfect excuse to inject a touch of luxury into your dining table this Christmas.

Designed exclusively for Tesco, the premium Fox & Ivy brand is built on quality and is available in select stores and online.

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