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When I was growing up a treat for me during Diwali or any dinner was to set the table. My mother would give my sister and me a special tablecloth, then she would take out the most beautiful dishes. We would pick the most beautiful flowers and leaves from the garden of our home in Nepal. I was no more than 7 or 8 years old, but by that time I knew exactly what to do – how to space the plates evenly and place the silverware correctly. Simple lessons that, once rooted, are impossible to forget. Since I have always been aesthetically inclined, the love for anything and everything has stuck with me even after I was sent to boarding school.

Table setting is extremely important to entertaining a crowd and even adds to the joys of a simple family dinner. A well-appointed table creates feast anticipation and also creates the right amount of glamor for an otherwise boring setup. Here are some ways you can spruce up your dining room.

1. Table set for a summer brunch

You will need:




Flowers and leaves in vibrant colors: just make a wreath of leaves and flowers and place the lemons according to (ref photo)

2. Table decor with crystals or wine glasses and artificial flowers.

You will need:


Wine glasses

Artificial flowers

You can also make a table runner with the artificial flowers and leaves and place the wine glasses with regular candles or candles on either side.

3. Moroccan-inspired table:

What you will need:

Table runner with bold prints preferably ikat with blue and white tones

Metal candle holders


The Moroccan theme calls for anything extravagant. The bright colors and prints on the table runner and even the tableware pair beautifully with an exceptional color scheme.

4. Table decoration inspired by autumn:

What you will need:

Dried leaves




A table runner can be made from the dried leaves and candles can be placed on either side to give that fall season warmth

Even dishes or vases can be filled with leaves to give a more polished look.

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