Dish just launched and—Shocker—It’s Gorg



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If there was a formula for a Domino-style table, it would be paper-thin glassware and luxurious natural linens. And guess what: Kitchen table top extension provides exactly that. The brand founded by AAPI, known for its Knife set and recycled plastic cutting boards debuted pieces to serve with your meals that are as carefully crafted as what they’re made with.

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The sculptural Full glasses steal the show, thanks to a small inverted cup base. While malachite, clear, or hazy borosilicate glass may look tricky, these containers are designed for everyday use — stack them or toss them in the dishwasher, no problem. A set of four is $65, but if that seems a bit pricey, the shorter Half Glass the design is only $50 for a set.


Dish just launched and—Shocker—It's Gorg

Courtesy of Hardware

While you’re at it, you should probably also browse the 100% stonewashed linen table linens, which includes choosing your own adventure. placemats. They’re reversible, which means they’ll likely match whatever plates you go with. (We love the sienna and mocha combo.) And to top it all off, if you use the code SETTHETABLE, you’ll get 20% off glassware and linens through Wednesday, November 9.

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