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Lucky Clover 4-H is offering a series of lessons as part of the new Home Arts project – table setting and etiquette that will be taught by expert interior designer and longtime Santa Ynez Valley resident Dede Wood. .

This will be the fifth home arts lesson and one of fun.

Dede likes to beautify the spaces around her, which is why she’s perfect for teaching this important lesson. The session will be hands-on and interactive, focusing on how to make your table and interior look great, even if you don’t have a big budget.

Mindy Rice, local floral designer and event planner extraordinaire, volunteered to teach her craft to the Home Arts group this week.

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Hadleigh Bolton, a local junior high student, is one of two elected reporters from the Los Olivos Lucky Clover 4-H Club who reports on the program each month.

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