Decoration: 4 low cost ideas to renew your furniture


If you want to change the decoration of your house but you don’t know where to start and you can’t invest a lot, a good idea is renovate your furniture. A bedside table, a chest of drawers, a shelf or a few chairs with a new touch can completely transform the environment.

And the best thing is you can do it on a small budget. Whether it’s an old piece of furniture that you want to keep or a piece of furniture that hasn’t been for so many years and that has already bored you, we leave you four ideas at a low price to get you up to speed. work :

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1. Painting

This is the most traditional way to change the look of a piece of furniture, but in this option a range of possibilities opens up: you can choose single color or palettetry one patinaexperiment with paints con matte finish or rust finishor use a stencil make drawings. Another idea? I removed the paint or lacquer to leave the material in its natural state.

2. Details

Another alternative -perhaps the most practical and the least expensive- consists in adding, replacing or deleting a detail. For example: remove legs a shelf; change the doors blind from a chest of drawers made of glass, wire mesh or mirrors; Is buy new buttons for the drawers of the desk or the bedside table (there are different shapes, materials and patterns).

Ideas to renew your furniture. (Pixabay illustration image)

3. Vinyl

Vinyl can be applied to any smooth surface and furniture is no exception. you can choose The front of some and completely transform it thanks to the diversity of prints that exist, or look for simple phrases or patterns to cover just a corner and give it an original touch. The boys’ room is a good place to use them.

Ideas to renew your furniture.  (Pinterest picture)
Ideas to renew your furniture. (Pinterest picture)

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4. Textures

another option low cost that you can try on wooden furniture is wire brush to get a textured effect. As the woods have hard and soft grains, the brush wears down the soft ones more, creating interesting reliefs.


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