Decorating Contest Bringing Holiday Joy to Columbia County


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW / WAGT) – When putting up Christmas decorations, you can secretly compare your home to your neighbor’s. But a friendly local seasonal competition brings it all to the fore. But wait, it’s only November.

“At the end of October, we start to put everything away in the yard,” said Christopher Valentine.

Long before Santa’s sleigh lands, Valentine is on the roof and begins a process of transforming his home.

“This house will be amazing,” he said. “It will be lit from right to left, front to back.”

And this year, some 45,000 lights will twinkle in his home and on social media. Valentine owns one of 10 houses that will compete against each other in Columbia County’s very first “Light Fight”.

“We work with every house to come out and capture them by turning on their lights for the first time,” said Cassidy Harris, Columbia County public relations manager.

Each house will have a mini-episode posted on the Columbia County Facebook page. Then it’s up to you to crown the king or queen with a good ol ‘neighborhood showdown.

“It will be ready for the Columbia County page Facebook followers to go on and vote Dec 1-10,” she said.

When it was all announced on Facebook, Valentine’s friends and neighbors knew the right person to apply.

“My inbox blew up that day and I only missed it by 54 minutes,” Valentine said.

All the lights and music aren’t exactly something he throws together.

“In the low season, we program songs on the computer, note by note, word by word,” he said.

But it’s something he says he wins or loses, he’s lucky he can do it.

“We started this as a family tradition putting this in place, and we realized it goes a lot further than we are now part of the family tradition of all of you and we love to see you every year,” he said. he declares.

So grab your extension cords, zip ties and ladders. Because it’s time to get into the holiday spirit and compete.

There are still four spots left in the competition and the deadline to apply is Wednesday. If you would like to apply, send an email to [email protected]

If you want to see some of the homes, the first participating home will be posted on the Columbia County Facebook page on Tuesday night.

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