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This column was written the week before Christmas.

Dear readers,

I am Susan, Lovina’s daughter. It is sunny and very windy today. I just finished the laundry. I hung everything inside because it’s too cold and windy outside.

Today my sister Verena and I had the children of Sister Elizabeth, TJ and Allison, here as she attended her eldest daughter Abigail’s Christmas party at school. My Jennifer and Ryan love it when their cousins ​​come to play with them.

Last night was Abigail’s Christmas program at school. Jennifer was really excited to see Abigail’s school. She also wants to go to school now.

It has now been over a year since my dear husband Mose passed away. It seemed like a long and overwhelming year to me. And then other times it’s short, when I look back. I feel like the kids and I’ve come a long way. When times were tough, I used to say to myself, “If life on earth is going to be tough to reach our heavenly home, then I will fight the battle to the end.

Mom took us for the day on the anniversary of Mose’s death. She wanted to keep me busy so I didn’t sit down to think about it. She took us out to eat and we had a great day together.

Sunday evening, Martha (a widow from our community) and her five children come to visit us. Her husband died of cancer. It has been three years since he died, also in December. She was an inspiration to me. She is a very courageous woman. We want to participate in her children’s Christmas program to help support her and just be there for them.

Recently, some of Mose’s family came to stay with me, and other members of his family also came to help me for a weekend. They put a new coating on my house. It’s not over yet but it looks so much better.

My family and Mose’s family have helped me a lot over the past year. They have all been very supportive.

Please pray for all the families who lost loved ones and property in the recent tornadoes. Life is too short. It’s hard to lose a family member; I can’t imagine how the family feels who have lost four. After Mose passed away, the pain was so great. I had the impression that with each breath, a pain crossed my heart.

I’d better go now. I have to feed the horses, chickens and dogs. Jennifer and Ryan love to come with me to collect the eggs. Sometimes Ryan lets the eggs fall too hard into the bucket and crack the egg.

I’ll share the recipe for the fruit dip. I bring fruit and the fruit dip to mum and dad for the Christmas gathering. I think the hardest part of the day is when we all sit down at the set table and my beloved Mose is not there next to me. Mose enjoyed Christmas and being together with his family. In the presence of strangers he was very calm, but when he got to know someone he was chatty and always had fun playing games or talking about hunting or fishing.

One day, I hope to be reunited in paradise again.

Take care of yourself, and God bless you!

Fruit Dip

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla

8 ounces of cream cheese

2/3 cup whipped topping

Whisk all together. Serve with different kinds of fruit.

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