Daily Bread Soup Kitchen: Business Continues Despite COVID-19 Restrictions


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On October 17, 2018, two employees prepare food for the daily bread soup kitchen. Despite Covid-19 regulations, the kitchen continues to operate outside the dining room.

Due to COVID-19, the dining room at the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen has been closed since March 2020, for a period of 19 months and more.

The Daily Bread Soup Kitchen is a volunteer run business located in Champaign that serves meals to those in need.

According to Lynn Hall, volunteer coordinator for the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, before the pandemic, the dining room could accommodate 160 to 180 people a day to give them meals.

However, when COVID-19 hit, the dining room closed, but that didn’t stop Daily Bread from serving meals.

“We decided we could still hand out a meal and meet all government regulations,” Hall said.

After the virus crashed, Daily Bread came up with new ways to provide meals to anyone who needed it – by setting up a six-foot table extending from the front door and sliding meals out.

Hall explained that Daily Bread provides around 230 prefabricated bagged meals a day, and it has been particularly helpful to those struggling with the financial woes of the pandemic.

“The vast majority of people who come over there are people who probably have part-time jobs or jobs that don’t have a very high hourly wage,” Hall said.

Hall mentioned that Daily Bread had no difficulty finding volunteers.

Although COVID-19 has restricted many in-person interactions, Hall noted the help Daily Bread continues to receive from the Champaign-Urbana community.

“One of the things that I really love (the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen) and appreciate, I would say, is the support that the community gives us in so many ways that people often ignore,” Hall said.

Daily Bread receives food donations from the Gordon Food Service, Harvest Market, local grocery stores, and University venues such as Hendrick House.

For more information on how you can donate or volunteer, email [email protected] or leave a message at 217-356-7678.

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