Cooking Tips: How to Use a Fork and Knife – Celebrity Chef Shares Tips (Watch Video)


Formal (and semi-formal) dining is a very common affair these days. Whether it’s for a meeting with a client or at a social gathering – we organize formal dinners from time to time. And therefore, knowing table etiquette and manners becomes equally important. For the uninitiated, table manners are rules one follows while dining, which include the use of utensils and cutlery. There are mainly two types of table manners followed around the world – the British and American school of etiquette. In India, we mostly follow the British way of eating and holding cutlery. Here we bring some tips that will help you use the fork and knife in the right way. These techniques were shared by celebrity chef Pankaj Bhadouria on her official Instagram account. We’ll take a look.

Chef Pankaj Bhadouria shares 6 easy ways to use a fork and knife while eating:

  1. The fork should be held in the left hand and the knife in the right.
  2. When we hold the fork, the end should rightfully rest in our palm. Similarly, hold the knife by the neck and lay it somewhere in our palm.
  3. When we want to cut food, hold the food with a fork and gently cut with the knife. Do not use pressure.
  4. Always cut bite-sized pieces of food so that the food can be easily eaten.
  5. If we want to keep the knife down while eating, we keep it on top of our plate. At this point you can move the fork to the right hand.
  6. When you are done eating, turn the fork over and hold it in the center of the plate. And place the knife right next to the fork. This indicates that we have finished eating and the waiter can clear the plate.

Watch the detailed video here:

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