Confused San Mateo Halloween Decoration for Pet Tarantula


SAN MATEO, CA – Last month, a Peninsula Humane Society employee thought she was going to have to rescue a live tarantula from a rooftop in San Mateo.

What she saw instead was an old Halloween decoration, and she “burst out laughing,” said Buffy Tarbox, communications manager for the Peninsula Humane Society and the SPCA, in an interview with KRON.

The animal shelter posted a photo of the fake spider on social media earlier this week, adding that it received a call from a resident concerned that the tarantula had washed up on top of a roof.

Tarbox told KRON this is the first time a potential rescue has turned out to be a Halloween decoration – but in the past people have called thinking they’ve seen an animal on the side of the road that s turned out to be a wig, or an alligator that turned out to be plastic.

Still, with Halloween approaching and more and more decorations, Tarbox said the potential for a false alarm shouldn’t deter people from calling for help if they think an animal is. in danger. She said people should wait and see if the animal or object moves.

“We always want to hear from the audience,” Tarbox told KRON. “If they see what they think is an animal in a situation that requires our assistance, please call our dispatch line. Even if it’s a hair weave or a fake spider, we’re still going to come out and make those calls. You never know if it’s an animal and it really needs our help. “

The Peninsula Humane Society can be contacted at (650) 340-7022.

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