Comedian TikTok goes viral with brutal evaluation of Christmas decorating styles



A comedian’s TikTok video went viral after delivering a brutal assessment of what your Christmas decorations say about your family.

Eric D’Alessandro’s verdict on the different types of stocking stuffers starts off kindly enough – but then it really starts to dig into the family dynamic, leaving some viewers to joke that they felt “personally attacked”.

Her video has since been viewed over seven million times, and it has visibly struck a collective nerve.

“A family’s stocking stuffers will tell you everything you need to know about them,” he begins.

“It will be more accurate than any horoscope you will ever read.”

It begins by talking about the traditional green, red and white Christmas stockings with the recipient’s name sewn by hand.

“These aren’t exactly the prettiest to look at, but you made them and your family cherishes the sentimental value,” he says.

“Their tree is full of colorful ornaments that they’ve collected over the years.

“It’s a house full of love, everyone is welcome.”

Traditional Christmas stockings get Eric’s approval. Credit: TikTok / ericdalessandro

Next, he evaluates an image of a row of snow-white and beige stockings giving off a minimalist and neutral vibe.

“If you walk into someone’s house and see them, turn around and exit immediately,” he said.

“There is no love in this house.”

It then shows off trendy Christmas stockings with Chanel logos and embossed cheetah prints.

Chanel stockings?  Chances are your mother is a
Chanel stockings? Chances are your mother is a “psychopath”. Credit: TikTok / ericdalessandro

“It’s a cold, uninviting performance from a house,” he says.

“Even Santa Claus is like, oh my god, is this the house with the cheetah stockings.

“It’s the family that has two separate Christmas trees because their mother is a psychopath.

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“Because nothing says love than throwing in the macaroni ornament your kid made in school because it ‘doesn’t match my tree theme.’ “

He adds that the children of these parents will likely receive “six Playstation 5 consoles” and “Range Rovers” for Christmas.

“All kids want is a hug and you hang up your phone,” he jokes.

The video has racked up over 14,000 comments and one million likes.

Do the decorations look like this?  You get six Playstation 5 consoles for Christmas.
Do the decorations look like this? You get six Playstation 5 consoles for Christmas. Credit: TikTok / ericdalessandro

“It’s incredibly precise,” wrote one person.

“I feel personally attacked right now,” said another.

“Mic drop,” observed a third.

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Even Santa is like, oh my god is this the house with the cheetah stockings

But others disagreed with Eric’s assessment.

“Please we got the first and our housekeeping was toxic and very unwelcoming,” wrote one person.

“Well, I think I’m a psychopath,” said another.

A third jokes: “I’m not leaving. I want the Range Rover, to make up for living without love.

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