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Through Sacha van Niekerk Dec 17 2020

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From forest green foliage scattered across crisp white tablecloths laden with brass cutlery to the comfort of tea candles against the warmth of exposed wood, this is what’s trending in Christmas table decorating for 2020.

Raw and rustic wood

Bring the essence of summer to your table with a clean aesthetic that invites the great outdoors. Providing your lunch or dinner with a warm and cozy atmosphere, the exposed raw wood along with the natural elements of glowing candles and green foliage can set the scene for your party.


A mishmash of decor, a maximalist table landscape combines various elements to bring a mix of textures, periods, styles, trends and colors in one environment. A wonderful way to achieve this look is to layer. Start with a tablecloth of your choice, a table runner that complements it, placemats with a contrasting texture, bold cutlery (mismatched will do the trick for an original effect) and patterned napkins to combine for a decor. incredibly vibrant. Tie it all together with a floral garland placed lengthwise on the table with flowers that match your color scheme.

autumn hues

Although South Africans celebrate Christmas in the summer, autumnal hues are synonymous with the holiday season due to the influence of the northern hemisphere. Gold and brown combine beautifully and form a perfect color palette. Start with a white tablecloth for the base and layer your table top with these fall colors to make them stand out.


The millennial pink is here to stay. The soft, warm hue, described as “just pink enough” is still on trend this season, with the blush tone being a favorite in the home decor arena. Since red as the dominant color on the dinner table is a bit harsh for the summer, this blush hue is the perfect alternative. For your table, go for a mix of gold and copper to complement the use of matching pink tones, as well as whites mixed with creams. The key is to stay on the warm side of the color wheel and keep everything soft and subtle.


Using a structured planter as the centerpiece, place a variety of potted shrubs indoors and use foliage to fill in any open spaces to make it appear fuller and overgrown. The green goes wonderfully with the white tablecloths, bringing out the rich colors of the different plants used. To add a festive touch, use copper cutlery to offset the green and white combo that completes the look.

Hanging branch

Nowadays, table decoration is not limited to what is laid out in front of you, it also extends to the ceiling. Instead of a glitzy chandelier, try the latest trend of having a floating branch set above the table. The slender branch can be covered with lush greenery, balls and even fairy lights to add a magical glow.

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