Beulah, peel me a grape


First, Beulah has no idea where that damn grape is.

She just got her manicure and frankly doesn’t care.

She finds the arrogant Cockney cute.

But, so does this sparkly Lil and well—

This is Lil’s big show.

Lil has blood on his hands and rubs the almond

perfumed lotion, while waiting for this peeled grape.

Beulah pours a large serving of gin

and recalls the shows of Minstrel, Bessie Smith,

chicken dinners in a picnic basket,

and a guy named Roy. He was no prince

but a king of the chamber ramble.

Elsewhere, boots beat the ground, leaving

bloody feet and untended crops

as the glass shatters on the faces of Polish Jews

and Spanish Republicans fight insurgents dressed in black.

More boots, nice shiny well made boots.

“until the war” says Tom in Glass factory.

When America sits in a “dark room” and watches

“until the war”. The stench of death rolls through

the Atlantic, a mighty fog. Meanwhile,

Dapper heroes roam the landscapes like scythes

as their stage names and heroines roll

up their stockings or sweat the chorus line

But no

Miss Lil and the disobedient Beulah both swinging

big hips and rolling brown eyes, generously

Waiting to suck a man’s tongue

For Gertrude Howard (1892-1934)

Unlike brandy, which is produced by direct fermentation of pure grape juice, grappa is made from pomace: the skins, pips, leftover pulp and even the stems after pressing the grapes for wine. However, the remaining juice, called wort or wort, is not used as is the case with ratafia or acquavite from uva.


A surprisingly large portion of grappa has been illegally made at home for most of its history. In some regions, grappa has even become known as Filu è Ferru, which means “iron wire”. The Moonshiners wrapped the necks of their bottles with wire and buried them in the garden.

Although they left no trace to the untrained eye, the distiller could recognize where their bottles were buried by a reddish stain in the ground left by the wire.

Eventually, the Italian government responded to illegal production by introducing a law requiring winemakers to only sell pomace to registered distillers.

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