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Which Thanksgiving door decorations are the best?

As you make your home warm and inviting for Thanksgiving, special decorative touches add to its holiday appeal. A Thanksgiving door decoration, especially in your front entrance, will showcase your Thanksgiving enthusiasm and provide an inviting welcome to visitors.

An attractive Thanksgiving door decoration like the Holiday Aisle Thanksgiving door mural captures the spirit of the holidays, the essence of fall, or both. Consider your door design and your decorating sense of style, and you will find a door decoration that you and your guests will love.

What to know before buying a Thanksgiving door decoration

Decorations designed for doors and Thanksgiving come in many styles. But before you make your choice, follow these considerations so you can make an informed purchase.

Evaluate the features of your door

Before choosing a decoration for your door, you need to make sure that it fits and complements its appearance. Taking a few measurements will help, especially if you choose to cover all or most of the door or plan to place a hook on top. If your door has side windows, consider whether you want to include them in your decorating plan. Also think about the color of your door and decide if you want a decoration that creates a matching or contrasting effect.

Consider your decorating style preference

When planning to decorate your door for Thanksgiving, it’s crucial to consider how you want it to appear after the process is complete. Do you like whimsical designs that appeal to children or decorating with a thank you note that blends in perfectly with the season? Would you like to decorate the entire door and surrounding frame or hang a simple fall themed wreath? No matter what you prefer, there is a Thanksgiving door decoration to match your decorating style.

Think about how many doors you want to decorate

Thanksgiving door decorations aren’t limited to your front entrance. Decorating back, side and even garage doors will give your home a complete festive look. If you decide to decorate more than one door, you can go for a uniform look with similar decorations or mix them up a bit to vary your decor.

What to look for in a quality Thanksgiving door decoration

Confused about what kind of decoration you would like on your door to celebrate Thanksgiving? Understanding the key features before you buy will help you choose.


Door decorations should accommodate the limited space in a door’s settings. This is why decorations like wreaths, plaques and other small and medium sized items are popular for decorating doors. You will also find banners that fit in the middle of a door or along the sides. A decorative option for decorating the entire width and length of the door is a wall-type design with a wrap-around attachment. Most decorations include installation instructions, although you may need to use basic hardware or hooks for items that hang above the door.


As you might expect, turkeys are the most popular theme of Thanksgiving door decorations. Fall items like leaves, acorns, and pumpkins are also commonly featured on door decorations for the holidays. If you like the idea of ​​decorative door items with greetings including “Happy Thanksgiving” or thank you messages, you’ll find them too.


Since door decorations are usually intended for exterior doors, well-designed options are made with materials that can withstand different weather conditions. Decorations made of wood, plastic, polyester, nylon, and metal are your best options if they are prone to exposure to wind, rain, and snow. Some decorations are vinyl or fabric, but they are unlikely to hold up well or last for several seasons.

How much you can expect to spend on a Thanksgiving door decoration

Thanksgiving door decorations come in a wide range of prices, from basic options that cost $ 10 or less to intricate wreaths, siding and more that can cost $ 150 and a bit more. Keep in mind that inexpensive decor may only last a Thanksgiving or two, while high-end options may grace a door for many years to come.

Thanksgiving Door Decorating FAQs

Can I use a Thanksgiving door decoration on an interior door?

A. You can place many door decorations on the doors inside your house. In addition, some types such as crowns and plaques can also be placed on walls and mantles.

Are Thanksgiving door decorations reusable?

A. Yes. However, some inexpensive decorations made of fragile materials can tear or deteriorate after repeated exposure to the elements. If you want a door decoration that will last through many Thanksgivings, look for one made from durable materials.

What are the best Thanksgiving door decorations to buy?

Top Thanksgiving Door Decoration

The Holiday Aisle Thanksgiving Door Mural

What would you like to know: It is a favorite Thanksgiving door decoration for its beautiful appearance, durable construction, and ease of installation.

What you will love: Bold and eye-catching, this door ornament wraps around a doorway and transforms it into a Thanksgiving greeting with artistic appeal. The durable polyester material will last for years of use.

What you should consider: The fit may be too tight for some larger doors.

Or buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top Thanksgiving Door Decoration for the Money

SweetiePieTurkey Thanksgiving Door Hanger Collection

SweetiePieTurkey Thanksgiving Door Hanger Collection

What would you like to know: This handmade turkey door decoration will add a touch of lightness to your holiday decor.

What you will love: You’ll love that this fun turkey has an adorable face and is handcrafted from durable burlap and Ruscus. It is available in a choice of color combinations so you can match it with the colors in your home.

What you should consider: Anyone who prefers classic decorations may find this too fancy.

Or buy: Sold by Etsy

To check

National Tree Company 24 inch Fall Wreath

National Tree Company 24 inch Fall Wreath

What would you like to know: This is a stylish and versatile wreath with a fall theme that looks great on any door, wall, or mantle.

What you will love: This wreath is perfect for Thanksgiving decoration, thanks to the combination of leaves, pine cones, pumpkins and acorns that adorn its 24 inch frame. It is easy to hang over a door and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What you should consider: The crown may appear uneven when it arrives and will need a little adjustment before installing.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

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