Beloved Dracula Halloween Decoration Stolen From Oregon Porch



PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An Oregon family is scouring town for their beloved Count Dracula decoration after it was allegedly stolen from the porch of their Portland home earlier this week.

Sarah, a family member who asked that her surname not be released, told KOIN 6 that the life-size Dracula was a family heirloom that she has placed in front of her house every Halloween since her mother took it. bought 20 years ago. The loss of the Dracula decoration, she said, is particularly painful after the death of her mother last year.

“I have four boys, they love this Dracula,” Sarah said. “The neighbors love it because his eyes light up at night. All these years and this is the year someone stole it?

Capture the camera footage of the suspected thief running off with the Halloween decoration. (Footage provided by family)

The alleged porch hacker was captured taking the decoration on the family’s Ring Camera on Tuesday, October 18 at around 3:10 p.m. In the video, a person wearing a burnt orange hoodie and gray pants is seen s ‘stop at home in a silver sedan before grabbing the Dracula, placing it in their open trunk and driving off.

“He didn’t even close the trunk, he just walked away with Dracula clinging to the trunk,” Sarah said.

While Sarah said she considers theft a low priority for Portland police, the local mum is asking locals to keep an eye out for her family’s prized decoration. Residents with information about the theft can contact PPB’s non-emergency line at (503) 823-3333.

“It’s such a unique piece,” she said. “You know it when you see it.”

Sarah posing with her beloved family heirloom. (Provided by family)

Sarah said only two items have been stolen from her porch in the past 20 years. Both incidents, she said, happened in 2022. However, with the help of social media, the family say they have already received good advice on where to find the Dracula statue with Halloween in a little over a week.

“There are no boundaries,” Sarah said. “People grab things in the middle of the day. They know there are no repercussions. We do our best on social media to find Dracula and we have [received] some good leads.

Sarah said if she could talk to the thief, she would tell them that the Dracula statue is part of their family and they can always bring it back, no questions asked.

“Bring him back,” she said. “You can also have children. I understand, [Dracula] is really cool. Just drop it. We won’t care. We just miss him and we want him back.

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