Bay Area Rescue called for a pet that was a Halloween decoration


When the Peninsula Humane Society received a call about a pet tarantula that had allegedly been washed up on top of a house in San Mateo, an animal control officer rushed to the scene with a plastic enclosure at the trailer.

Using a ladder, the officer climbed to the roof where the wayward arachnid waited as the concerned appellant and two of the owners watched. Once she reached the top and was able to take a closer look, she realized:

It was just a forgotten Halloween decoration.

“She said it seemed to be there for a while,” said Buffy Tarbox, communications manager for the Peninsula Humane Society, who shared a photo of the eight-legged hoax on Instagram on Sunday afternoon. “I guess if you don’t like spiders, this is the best outcome.”

The officer removed it from the shingles anyway, and when she broke the news to passers-by waiting below, they couldn’t help but laugh, Tarbox said.

“The owners didn’t know the decor was there,” she added. “Everyone thought it was real.”

And for good reason. The incident, which happened within the last month, according to Tarbox, was not that unusual. Although tarantulas are not common pets, they are available for adoption in humane society, and sightings of wild tarantulas are also common in the Bay Area during this time of year, which is their season. loves.

Humane Society staff found the story just as entertaining. When the owners told the animal control officer they didn’t want to keep the plastic tarantula, can you blame them? – she brought him back with her to the office of the humanitarian society in Burlingame, where he provided festive fodder for a prank.

“It became that funny thing where they put it on the desks of various people,” Tarbox said with a laugh. “This joke wore a bit thin. It was put in the trash. ”

Although the fate of the false tarantula has been sealed, she hopes the incident will remind people of the humanitarian company’s mission.

“We will help any animal that needs our help,” she said. “We’re not going to turn our backs on a dog, or even a hairy tarantula.”

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