Amazon delivery driver is very scared of Halloween decorating


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WGMB) – Halloween isn’t here until Sunday, but a woman is already scaring those who decide to grab candy on her porch.

Kem Galo, from Nashville, Tennessee, bought a new decoration before Halloween – a witch figure that screams when activated.

On October 3 of this year, she installed it on the porch. And that’s where the fun started.

Images from Galo’s doorbell camera taken on October 9 show an Amazon delivery driver searching for a candy after dropping off a package. He grabs a piece of the bowl, but immediately jumps off the porch as soon as the witch comes to life.

He quickly bends over in laughter (or maybe relief) after walking back halfway to his truck, as seen in the video above.

Galo said that a sensor in the decoration is activated either by turning on the lights or by putting your hand in the witch’s bowl.

She also said she plans to give the driver some extra candy, if she ever sees him again.

“He took the ghost with a lot of humor and it was a great sport,” said Galo.

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