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Monoware’s minimalist table decors are timeless and enduring

Started by creative consultant Daniel Baer and designed by ceramicist Ian McIntyre, Monoware includes plates, bowls and mugs as well as serving platters for a minimalist table setting.

Creative consultant Daniel Baer has launched a new line of timeless tableware essentials, from plates to platters, inspired by the art of coming together. Called Monoware, the collection is meant to “last and grow with the people who put them down.” We call it a table set for life, ”he says.

For Baer, ​​every meal is an event. “Whether it’s a picnic with friends, a solo dinner in front of the TV, or a breakfast with the family, they all bring food, nurture creativity, or nurture relationships.” , he adds. How then to bring an appropriate sense of occasion to each meal?

Merging his experience in graphic design (a stint as a senior designer at Wallpaper was followed by the creation of his own creative consulting firm, Studio Baer, ​​with clients ranging from Dior and Comme des Garçons to Rizzoli) and a interest in studio pottery, his response to the search for the perfect table, was to create his own.

The Monoware launch collection includes dining must-haves such as plates, bowls and mugs, as well as serving platters and pitchers, with scaled back silhouettes and a palette of earthy tones, from chalk to chalk. ‘slate. The first pieces were created in collaboration with ceramicist Ian McIntyre. “What appealed to me about Ian’s work is the way he blends industrial design and traditional craftsmanship,” says Baer, ​​particularly drawn to the ceramist’s vast experience with stoneware. The design of the plates has been carefully considered and each piece has been made with high quality materials (“We have perfected the plates, so you can party,” Baer’s mission statement reads.)

Longevity (both physical and aesthetic) was a priority for the collection, as was informality – “to cater for a new generation of creative cooks and hosts who don’t feel the need to go through established table formalities. , but, at the same time, quality value, timeless design and durability. ‘ Our habits and the dishes we serve may change, observes Baer, ​​but our dishes are forever.

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