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Listen, the best part of a vacation is putting up decorations. There is something to see the fancy garland and cutlery on the dining room table that makes you want to eat well with the best people. If you’re here like, Yes! but also, How do you find all the pretty things? Just know that finding decoration ideas for Hanukkah doesn’t have to be complicated.

For starters, you need to have your menorah – and it doesn’t hurt if it’s chic and golden like the one I found below. It will also be nice to have a Hanukkah themed doormat that will instantly make guests feel welcome.

And if you are planning on going to someone else’s house, a visit to the decoration department will make the perfect hostess gift. Something like a dreidel wine bag is all you need. Of course, don’t forget to bring a real bottle of wine as well.

For more ideas, scroll down to see some essentials of festive Hanukkah decorating.

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This golden menorah

Modern Brass Candlesticks

Okay, you might as well start with a menorah. This one gets bonus points for its shiny golden finish.


This embroidered table runner

Hanukkah table runner

You will look like a table dresser expert when you roll out this cute table runner before dinner.


This set of plates

Hanukkah Blue Mosaic Salad Plates, Mixed Set of 4

You don’t have to go into debt to buy new dishes. A set like this is both cheap and beautiful.


This scented candle

Hanukkah candle

I know you’ve probably made your menorah already, but this candle smells of delicious potato latkes and applesauce, which will remind you of Bubbe’s cooking.


This bottle holder

Hanukkah Embroidered Wine Bag

Slip this embroidered baby over a fancy (or not) wine bottle for an effortless decor.


This welcome mat

Dingess Shalom definition mat

Send a sweet greeting the moment guests arrive with this charming rug.


this beautiful mug

Judaica, Sabbath Kiddush Cup

Show your business how stylish you are with a sophisticated cup of kiddush.


this festive garland

Hanukkah garland garland

If in doubt, garland the entire square. Have fun wrapping this one around the stair railings or add a border to the front door.


This fancy dreidel

Classic Crystal Hanukkah Dreidel

Okay, you might not want to play with this dreidel, but at least it will be pretty to watch.

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