7 budget-friendly DIY kitchen ideas to bookmark right now


Previously a compartmentalized function, the kitchen is increasingly being included in the ‘public’ area of ​​a home, making it important that the once strictly utilitarian space is also presentable. After all, it sits at the crossroads of form and function. But will a kitchen remodeling exercise still make a substantial dent in your bank balance? Not necessarily. While a complete overhaul may require you to consider the finances, there are several ways to renovate your kitchen.

The size of your kitchen and the materials/appliances you choose will impact how much you end up spending on such a remodel, but these DIY kitchen ideas will help you chart the way forward.

Fresh and airy

We all know what Indian cooking entails. Stir-Frying, Frying, Tempering… If you don’t have your airflow sorted, chances are your stuffy, smelly kitchen will cut half the fun of cooking and tempers will be seen in more than one hour. places than the daal. The best way to ensure a well ventilated kitchen is the fireplace. Just make sure it’s not just looks and not substance. We particularly love the elegance and beauty of Crompton CK HOOD SensoSmart Incl90 Fltless MBlk (Rs 40,590), which intelligently turns on after detecting a change in temperature; removes a high-maintenance filter; includes an auto-clean feature that melts oil and dirt into a tray; and can be controlled by hand gestures.


A place for everything

In a space as “hardworking” as a kitchen, being organized makes life so much better. At the smallest level, it can be spices, condiments, herbs, oils, vinegars… Get kitchen baskets, like Jaypore Gold Storage Baskets (Rs 2,200) – for each category and store them on shelves to create an easy-to-remove system. Ellementry’s baskets which come with a wooden lid and a cutting board are also worth a dekko (from Rs 1,790). At the macro level, arrange kitchen utensils on a wall-mounted hook and rail system, or on an overhead unit (if you have an island counter).

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