6 noise-free kitchen products to save you from the annoying noise of appliances


Have you ever felt like your voice was being ignored once you walked into the kitchen or felt lonely, unable to hear what the rest of the family was discussing in the drawing room as your head is filled with the sound of dishwashers and grinders? Noise from kitchen appliances can be disturbing and sometimes even embarrassing, especially when guests visit only to be spoken to by kettles and mixers. Here are 6 low-noise appliances and tools from Amazon that will keep the kitchen rattle under control.


Whether it’s mixing smoothing or mixing flour for baking, these tasks are done almost every day at home and cannot be ignored, especially if you want to start your day with a smoothie at home. healthy oats or if chutney is a must with your dosa. Quick mixing and Japanese low-noise technology, this mixing bowl and juicer will get the job done without creating a buzz.

Price: Rs 24,500

Deal: Rs 1799

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Grinder Mixer

With new double-layer insulated jar technology, the blender reduces noise when grinding and provides a cool-to-the-touch outer surface for easy handling. HVDC motor allows user noise-free operation and digital display for convenience


Price: Rs 21995

Deal: Rs 13580

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Wall fireplace

Italian design complemented by superb build quality and the latest technological advancements, this stylish fireplace is energy efficient with low noise. It comes with a powerful motor that has a special casing and a fan for quiet operation.


Price: Rs 13000

Deal: Rs 7499

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Silicone utensils

Steel spoons and other tools create a noise that cannot be avoided because these spatulas and mixers are always in use. Replacing it with soft silicone tools will reduce a lot of noise in the kitchen and these are also scratch resistant and won’t chip, warp or melt!


Price: Rs 550

Deal: Rs 399

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Silicone heating pad

Also, these colorful silicone pads can be used to prevent scorching heat and protect the table. Hot dishes can be placed directly without any noise. These are the products that keep your kitchen quiet and your dishes safe!


Price: Rs 550

Deal: Rs 399

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Washing the dishes is a tedious task and if you have a dishwasher, you have to put up with its noise, which is not that easy! This AmazonBasics 12-place setting dishwasher features low-noise technology, adjustable shelves to create rhythm, and is suitable for all types of Indian cookware, including stainless steel, ceramic, and more .


Price: Rs 43,999

Deal: Rs 21,999

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