5 essentials of Diwali decoration for your home


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21 October 2021, 17:13

Diwali is about happiness, and a bright house is a happy house

Half of this year’s festivals were gone in the blink of an eye, but here we are, preparing for one of the biggest, Diwali!

Now that we are on the run to clean and decorate our homes, why not illuminate our homes with a beautiful and well-being decoration that can add a final touch to our decoration.

Let us explore some must-have decor items.

# 1: outdoor fairy lights to beautifully welcome your guests

Diwali is sweet, savory, bright lights and happiness. With your loved ones who come to your home to meet up, you can welcome them in a beautiful atmosphere by installing outdoor fairy lights in front of your main door.

Accessorize your dining room with a brass urli bowl

Accessorize your dining room with a brass urli bowl

Of course, the goal is to accessorize the furniture you already have in your home.

Try keeping a handcrafted brass urli bowl with a bell on your dining table to give a stately look.

This bowl can be gently washed or cleaned with a cotton cloth.

Believe it or not, it can add a unique touch to your interior design. Try it this year!

Buy attractive candle holders, put them in the right places

No matter what your decorating style, a candle holder never disturbs anyone or anything.

Buy an attractive candle holder to place your candles and see the nice look it gives. A bright house is a happy house.

With little vigilance, they are safe even if you have children or pets.

Don’t overuse this simple accessory.

How about a Toran Bandarwal and Diwali party door curtain?

How about a Toran Bandarwal and Diwali party door curtain?

Are you looking for a grand entrance?

Try a Toran Bandarwal to welcome good humor to your home. This Bandarwal is a perfect addition to your decor as it looks illuminating and brings a feeling of joy.

You can also add a lovely festive door curtain to give a vibrant and welcoming look to your entryway gallery.

What are you waiting for? Come on, start decorating!

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